Kids in the Kitchen: Cookbook Adventures- Series 1

Kids in the Kitchen: CookBook

This is the beginning of a series where the kids will be cooking their way through an entire cookbook all by themselves! You’ll get to see and hear all about this grand adventure. We’re starting out with the Better Homes and Gardens Junior Cookbook, 1955 edition.  So not only will you be getting some new recipes, or bringing back some old classics, you’ll be seeing some nostalgic photos.

Buckle up and sit back and enjoy the ride, maybe in a ’57 Chevy with fuzzy dice 😃

*Note to self*  Try not to sound annoyingly corny and overly excited about this decade!!!


Since it’s a 1955 edition, the difference in gender roles are obvious. The Mom and daughter do the cooking while Dad is grilling and little Jr. is happily eating the end results!

Gone are the days when Mom’s of boys didn’t have to worry about their sons ever having to learn how to cook. Since we’re in 2017 and young girls aren’t even taught to cook for themselves anymore, I think it’s even more important now to teach all 6 of my sons to cook!

I hate having to even remind people that some of the most successful chefs in the world have been men and still are men! It’s sad some individuals still deem cooking a woman’s role. I’m not teaching my kids to be a cook, or to be feminine. I’m teaching them to have skills they’ll need in their adult lives! I’m investing in their futures!! I know my future daughter-in-laws will thank me 😉   Okay, enough of my rant!

My goal is to have a post from this series once or twice a week, depending on how it works into our schedule.

The great adventure starts next week, so stay tuned…..



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