Warning: if reading words like vomit, puking, or upchucking makes you sick, please skip reading the rest. 

Raise your hand if you just giggled at the word upchucking?

We have been hit with an evil stomach virus! It took 9 days to go through all of us. Yes, all 8 members of our family, including the twins! But God who is rich in mercy, kept His hand on them and they had it the least out of all of us. If only you knew how bad a virus it was you could truly understand the gravity of that last statement! After being up all night long with 3 of the kids vomiting it hit me around 8am.  I spent the twins 1st birthday very, very sick .  LittleChef3 was so exhausted and tired I found him asleep on the bathroom floor a couple times. It was so pitiful. 

LittleChefsDad thought I was a nutjob when I kept saying if an old person got this it’d kill them! My stomach/sides were SO sore for days it felt as though I had done a billion situps in every angle! My throat bled from the forceful vomiting. Just horrible and disgusting! I prayed hard we wouldn’t pass it along to elderly church members, or anyone for that matter!
He didn’t fully understand my ramblings until he woke up vomiting Tuesday morning. Now he’s in full agreement! It’s been over 12 years since a stomach virus plowed us down and I hope it’s another decade, or even longer!
So that’s why I haven’t been posting much. And I betcha right now you’re thinking geez Louise why did you even mention this?? I wish you didn’t share your vile upchucking . But I had to let my peeps know what was going down.
No, I don’t talk like this in real life. Wait, it must be, oh yes, it is super late. My super sleepy personality takes over and it’s untelling what may come out. So I better shut this down.  Aren’t you glad my phone is back and I can be goofy and incoherent blogging in the middle of the night. As long as noone is puking in the middle of the night I am happy.
I’ll be posting a recipe for The World’s Easiest Biscuit today and didn’t want to mention stomach virus or vomiting in the same post. Just didn’t seem fittin’.
So stay tuned for a super easy and basically fool proof biscuit recipe and I hope this nasty virus doesn’t make it’s way into your house!
P.S.  If the font looks like different sizes, I don’t know what’s going on. Or maybe my eyes are squinting and begging me to shut them down and causing this effect. Either way, I better hit the sack.

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