About Us

Welcome to Little Chef Within! I started this blog to help encourage parents to bring their kids into the kitchen with them.  All of us have a Little Chef Within and what better time to discover that than at an early age. I have such fond memories of my little ones cooking and baking with me at an early age, but that always faded away with age.  This saddened me greatly!  I didn’t want to force them to cook and have bad feelings associated with the kitchen. Even sadder was thinking of my sons leaving home without the knowledge of basic life skills!  So instead I had to come up with creative and fun ways to get them back in the kitchen, willingly!  So in a nutshell, this is my blog to help me equip my sons (all 6 of them!), with cooking skills that will last them a lifetime.

Meet the CREW

LittleChefsMom aka Vicky

I’m a Christian homeschooling Mom to 6 boys, including a set of twins!  I have a true love for baking despite the fact that a few years ago I was diagnosed with having Celiac Disease.  Oh how sad that was to accept!  Nowadays you’ll find me in the kitchen baking with a mask on as to not ingest any flour, seriously!  I have a motto of NO fry left behind.  What can I say, I love fries!!


LittleChefsDad aka Scott

Amazing Dad to 6 boys, including a set of twins. (For some reason after you have 2 kids no one thinks they have the same father). So YES, they are all his. After he obeyed the gospel (Acts 2:38), he devotes his time to reading and studying the Bible.  He is our expert griller and a die hard Mt. Dew lover!


LittleChef1 aka Nathan

Not so little anymore at the age of 16 and taller than his parents!  He loves Mexican food and has a true Entrepreneur attitude.  He is our expert taste tester and makes awesome chicken nachos. He also shares his love for pop with his Dad.


LittleChef2 aka Nicholas

At age 13 he is our expert pizza maker and takes the prize for the most creative and innovative little chef.  He is always willing to jump in and try out anything and everything! He loves all cuisines and is a true cheese lover. Shares his Mom’s Motto of NO fry left behind!


LittleChef3 aka Evan

At age 10 he is our best little baker having won 1st prize several times in the local cookie contest.  He makes a mean fried egg sandwich!  He loves trying out new recipes and never met a challenge he didn’t accept!


LittleChef4 aka JustinJustin

At age 7 he is everyone’s little sidekick in the kitchen.  He is the best helper.  In March 2016, he became a BIG brother to twins and takes his job very seriously!  He is the only blue eyed boy in the family (as of right now, twins are still little).

LittleChef5 aka Benjamin & LittleChef6 aka AlexanderTwinsThouShall)

Serious bottle drinkers.  Enough said.