Hello January and goodbye exhaustion!!

by Vicky


Where have I been for so long? Well I’ve been here, just incredibly busy! Way back in October we took a vacation with family, then the stress of homeschooling really centered in on me and the blog was the first thing to be pushed to the back burner! I’ve rearranged the kids core curriculum and hopefully school will be smoother here on out!

I’m sure everyone has had their fair share of holiday foods and are interested in doing something to shed those few pounds they gained with all that pumpkin pie and Christmas cookies. I have no excuse since I don’t eat either! I’ve been doing a radical nutritional reset called Whole30 since mid December. I purchased the book last year and we did it as a family. But we only lasted 5 days before breaking over. I was SO sick and discovered I was pregnant with the twins! I had blamed it on the diet change, boy was I wrong!  In November my good friend Brooke mentioned starting it and I nonchalantly said, “I already have the book, I’ll do it with you too!!”.  Hmm, it sounded like a good ideal at the time. So I did a quick re-read of the book and a couple weeks later we were set to start. By then I was in alot of pain.  You see I was diagnosed with Lupus a couple years ago, March 2014 to be exact. I don’t talk about it much and definitely don’t share all my aches and pains because I do not take medication for it. The side effects of the medication are worse than my symptoms right now, so that is why I choose not to medicate. When I’m not having flares, life isn’t bad, but when I’m in a flare life is very painful and exhausting.  Unfortunately I have been in pain more the past couple months and the fatigue is so bad that I kept thinking it just had to be my thyroid levels low again, but no, it’s normal and my thyroid medication is working fine! Being exhausted isn’t fun when you have 6 kids to take care of, especially baby twins! Why am I telling you about all my ailments? Because I’m laying the groundwork of why I’m doing the Whole 30 program. Thousands of people with Lupus have been cured doing this. Yes, only by changing the food on their plate! It has cured everything from asthma, diabetes, endometriosis, Fibromyalgia, arthritis, eczema, infertility and so much more!  You can find the whole list of inspiring miracle testimonials Here.

Basically for 30 days you are not allowed to eat any: gluten, dairy, grains, legumes, or sugar. You can eat all the fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs and nuts you want. Click on whole30 to find out more.

I’m already gluten free due to Celiac disease so that wasn’t an issue for me, but everything else was scary to give up! I didn’t think I could do it. I love milk, cheese and sugar!!! After I had the twins, I went from drinking pop only when we ate out to always having a 2-liter of Pepsi in the fridge. I was convinced I had to have caffeine to get me through the day! I was drinking probably equivalent to 5-6 cans of pop a day! That is horrifying!! To make matters worse, I was still dragging through the day with all that pop in me 😨

I’m going to share what I ate and any thoughts and insights about Whole30. This isn’t just a diet, although you can certainly lose weight on it, but it can literally change your life and heal your body!!

I’m sharing this online in hopes that it gets the word out even more about Whole30. If it can help just one more person that doesn’t have to be in pain daily, then it’s worth my time posting!

If this isn’t your thing, please hang around, I’ll be posting regular recipes also.


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