Whole30 Week 2

by Vicky


If you just joined us, I’m posting every meal and snack that I ate on my month of Whole30.  I have several autoimmune diseases that I’m hoping to heal. I have Celiac Disease, Lupus, Hashimoto’s disease and possible Interstitial Cystitis (only confirmed by Dr, not through tests). I talk mainly about the Lupus since I do not take medication for it, and it’s the one giving me the most trouble right now!   I take natural desiccated thyroid medicine for the Hashimoto’s, an extreme no gluten diet for the Celiac and I’m hoping to say bye-bye to Lupus by simply changing the way I eat!

Here’s Part 1 in case you missed it.


Day 8:

Breakfast- Scrambled eggs with green onions drizzled with coconut aminos, 1/2 Aidells sausage, salad with Tessamae’s Ranch, leftover seasoned roasted potato wedges, 5 olives, 1/2 banana, (not pictured).

  • I’m feeling better and have noticed a definite increase in energy. Since the twins don’t sleep completely through the night, it’s hard to get an accurate take on my quality of sleep improvement. So I guess I won’t know in that department. I can’t begin to tell you how very thankful I am to not have to drag half dead throughout my day!! I can’t imagine having normal, full energy!!!!

Lunch: A new recipe of sweet potato soup (the one in Whole30 book), 1/4 cup walnuts, 2 hard-boiled eggs.

Dinner: Beef Stew (pressure cooker) drizzled with ghee, green beans and mushrooms sautéed in ghee. Salad with Tessamae’s Ranch.

Great meal!!! It really hit the spot!!

  • I’m feeling really good today and so much less bloated. I go to pee and drag out the scale. You’re not supposed to weigh yourself for the entire 30 days. But since I don’t obsessively weigh, I thought why not. Plus I planned on blogging about it and I know some people are always about the scale…. I have lost 9.2 pounds!! I can’t believe it! I know the first week you change your eating habits you lose the most weight, but still this is very exciting! I have never eaten so much in my life and I lost over 9 lbs?? Awesome!
  • I also had some NSV, (the book calls them non scale victories). When I showered today I noticed my hair felt softer and I barely lost a couple of hairs in the drain catcher thingie! Normally it’s a hand full! I have a bald spot in the back of my head from the Lupus.  I can’t wear my hair down at all anymore because it’s so big, I’m praying it will fill in!!! I also noticed it looks like I have some new growth on the outer edges of my eyebrows! I was losing so much of my eyebrows it wasn’t funny! Why would I ever eat any other way??photogrid_1482962870829

Day 9:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with green onions, 1/2 Aidell’s chicken & apple sausage, salad with Tessemae’s Ranch, leftover baked potato sautéed in ghee, 3 olives.

Lunch: 1 sweet potato with coconut oil and cinnamon, 2 hard boiled eggs, 1/4 cup walnuts

Dinner:  SpaghettiHomemade Spaghetti Sauce with zoodles (zucchini), sprinkled with nutritional yeast, leftover green beans, salad with Tessemae’s Ranch

Snack: Sweet Potato Soup, 1/4 cup walnuts, 2 hard-boiled eggs

*I was actually surprised that the zoodles tasted great!  I liked them better than my gluten-free noodles I’m been using!

Babies slept better, but I’m still not sleeping through the night.  Hopefully I’ll get 5 hours straight together very soon!  Despite this fact I do feel more energetic though.  I’m loving Whole30!!  I pray it keeps it up!!photogrid_1482962777655


Day 10:

*I woke up very tired and with burning gums. 🙁  Even though it’s just been 10 days, I think I shouldn’t have anymore Lupus symptoms.

Meal 1: Scrambled eggs with green onions drizzled with coconut aminos, leftover baked potato sautéed in ghee, salad with Tessemae’s Ranch, 1/2 Aidell’s Sausage, 5 olives, homemade salsa

  • I don’t feel very good, I’m more congested today than I was last week with the cold.  I’m praying it’s not another sickness because I don’t want the babies to get it. One baby sick is bad, two sick babies is a total nightmare!

Meal 2: Chicken tenders, seasoned potato wedges, salad with Tessemae’s Ranch, 5 olives, Homemade Ranch (recipe coming soon) dipping sauce, leftover green beans

  • I was SO excited over finding an approved chicken tenders recipe on the internet.  Sadly, they weren’t good at all.  The tenders were tasteless and gross.  That’s a shame because I wanted them so bad!  Homemade Ranch was decent, no Hidden Valley.  LOL!

*I went to bed aching a little and congested.  Very disappointed to be sick- again!



Day 11:

*I woke up still aching some, congested and burning gums.

Meal 1: Leftover Beef Stew drizzled with ghee, green beans & mushrooms sautéed in ghee, salad with Tessemae’s Ranch, 5 olives.

Meal 2: 1 Sweet Potato with coconut oil and cinnamon, 2 hard-boiled eggs, walnuts

Meal 3: Grilled Steak, leftover potato wedges, homemade Ranch dipping sauce, salad with Tessemae’s Ranch.

  • I’ve kinda felt discouraged the past 2 days.  I guess because I feel so bad.  The book says it’s the most quit days (days 10 & 11).  So not sure if it’s that also.  I’ve been sneezing all day long.  Congestion is a little better, but still there!  LittleChef1 sounds worse, but he’s still sticking with Whole30 even sick!



Day 12:

Meal 1: Sweet Potato with coconut oil & cinnamon, salad with Tessemae’s Ranch, green beans, 2 hard-boiled eggs

  • This meal really hit the spot today!!

Meal 2: Chicken Tenders (my recipe coming soon), salad with Tessemae’s Ranch, green beans & mushrooms, leftover potato wedges, Homemade Ranch dipping sauce.

Snack: Sunshine Salad, small bowl

  • Dinner tonight was DELICIOUS!!  I used my fried chicken sandwich seasoning recipe. It tasted so good I felt guilty!
  •   I’m gonna try to limit myself to 1 white potato a day.
  • I’m kinda sick of the same food everyday, but I had 2 amazing meals today!
  • My congestion is a lot better today!!
  • Almost half way there, but 2 weeks seem so far away with food boredom rising up. I pray the Lord gives me strength to make it.




Day 13:

Meal 1: Sweet potato with coconut oil & cinnamon, 2 hard-boiled eggs, salad with Tessemae’s Ranch, leftover green beans

Meal 2: Chicken Tenders, sweet  potato fries fried in coconut oil in cast iron skillet, cabbage & carrots fried in sugar-free bacon grease. 2 olives, salad with Tessemae’s Ranch.

The cabbage was SO disgusting! EWWWW. I had to throw it out it was so bad and I can’t even remember when I ever threw food out from being awful! I hate bacon grease in food, so not sure why I thought I would’ve loved it this time??  I re-fried the cabbage and carrots in olive oil, much, much better!!

Snack: Small bowl of applesauce

Snack 2: Leftover Sunshine Salad

  • I had a MAJOR chocolate craving tonight, my 1st craving in the whole 13 days!  I had bought a chocolate coconut Larabar to take with me to the twins well baby check up as an emergency food item.  I ransacked my cabinets, diaper bag, and purse looking for it.  Finally LittleChef2 said, “Mommy don’t you remember you shared that with all of us and you had a tiny piece of it too.”  UGH!!  I guess the piece was so small after sharing with 5 of us that I had forgotten all about it! But he was right, so hence the 2 snacks! I had a chocolate craving I couldn’t satisfy!

*My stomach feels bloated & messed up. I think it could be from the chicken tenders, the almond flour maybe?  Or maybe it’s my period coming…

No white potatoes at all today, trying to cut down to 1 serving a day! I eat SO much food I don’t want to be the only person that gains weight doing the Whole30. LOL.


Day 14:

Meal 1: Scrambled eggs with green onions, salad with Tessemae’s Ranch, 5 olives, leftover baked potato sautéed in ghee, 1/2 sausage, homemade pico de gallo

  • I woke up very tired and a headache from lack of sleep.  LittleChef6 got up at 5:30AM and I didn’t go to bed till 2!  So by the time he went back to sleep and I feed the other baby, it was late, so I only could get an hour nap in.

Meal 2: Chicken Fajitas, Mexican Cauliflower Rice, leftover pico de gallo, avocado creme sauce, small bowl applesauce after dinner



Weekly Impression: Overall I had another great week!  Food is becoming a little repetitive now.  I was shocked to have another cold!  I’m used to going years without being sick, cold and flu wise.  I’m only sick during pregnancy when my immune system is naturally lowered and then it’s like a normal person!  No wonder most auto-immune diseases go to into remission during pregnancy!  I jokingly made the comment that I don’t know if I would continue if I keep getting colds over and over, I’m just not used to that!  But hopefully that won’t happen since I’m eating much healthier.  I think since I’m eating so much better now, that my immune system is getting lowered, just like in pregnancy.  (No, I’m not pregnant! I got a tubal after the twins!  I didn’t want to be 43 and pregnant for the 7th time!)

Looking forward to even greater results next week!



Stay tuned for Week 3….

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