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I’ve been meal planning for many years now, to help keep our food budget low, well it’s crazy high with ALL males in the house, so lower for us.  We don’t always follow what I plan perfectly, but at least I like seeing it written down on paper and it’s easier if I need to switch a meal around.  I’ve downloaded just about every free version of a menu planner on the internet!  I got tired of always marking out and writing in stuff so much that I created my own printable.  Only problem with that was I constantly misplaced the printouts!   I used those until I stumbled upon the Kahootie Co. Meal Planner.  It was just perfect!  I’ve personally used it for the past 7 months now and I’m excited to offer this giveaway.

This handy and convenient meal planner was designed to help you stay organized by planning your weekly meals and shopping list in advance.  The two page-per-week design provides 1 year of meal planning with ample space for writing.

* Includes 1 year of weekly meal plans

* Extra note pages in back

* Easily reference previous weekly meals for inspiration

* Spiral Bound, Durable Laminated Cover, Page Size 5.5 x 8.5


Please Click here to see more pictures of the Meal Planner. It also comes in yellow and brown.  I have the teal one 🙂


It’s just the perfect size for a meal planner and can be tucked away on your bookshelf when you’re done. It comes with clear, plastic sheets over the front and back covers, and can be wiped clean if needed. The inside is beautifully laid out and includes a large area for a Shopping List!  It’s spiral bound so it can be opened and laid flat, a plus for me!  You can see from my picture below, it gives you just the right amount of space to record your meals and a snack!  I love that it is undated so you can just pick it up and start any time of the year!


As you can see from our menu plan, we are not big cereal eaters so I try to keep breakfast simple and easy.  Cereal is reserved for Sunday morning, before church, because we’re always running behind!  Plus the kids see cereal as a snack and they get fed in Sunday School, so they don’t have to wait long to eat again.

I know I’ll get some thoughts on all the sweets this week.   The two cakes are ones that I want to blog, so that’s why they’re on the menu, and the other ones are just so quick and easy it’s not time consuming for me.  I do not buy junk food at the store, and since I know the handful of ingredients I put in baked things, they can get snacks more than one time a week.  So please don’t think I’m abusing my kids by all the sweets here!  I had to put that in there, because I’ve read the nasty comments people leave for other bloggers.  But I’m thinking I don’t have any of those people on here.  My readers are all nice and sweet.  I’d love to bake each of you a sweet treat  🙂    I’m not a big hugger, but I want to send you all a virtual hug, so consider yourselves hugged!!   LOL!

Okay, moving on to the reason why you’re reading this, the giveaway!!

One lucky winner will receive a new Meal Planner by Kahootie Co.  All entries must be made through the Rafflecopter widget below. The contest ends Tuesday, February 28th, 2017,  at 2 PM EST.  I will contact the winner via email, and he/she will have 48 hours to respond. United States residents only, please.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway



This is a wonderful company and offers many other high quality products.  They are very courteous and professional, a dynamic duo you want from a business!  Also have I mentioned they have beautiful products?  Absolutely adorable!

You can find their other products at KAHOOTIE.COM






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