Food Meets Phone! e-Course

by Vicky
Food Meets Phone! e-Course

Hello, my name is Vicky, and I love to take pictures of my food!

What started out as a food blog to store all our favorite recipes in one spot, quickly became a love of food photography! As a busy Mom of 6 sons, including a set of twins, there’s always food involved in some form or fashion.  After baking and cooking all day, the last thing I wanted to do was to drag out a big camera and tripod to take pictures.  But my cell phone was always within arms reach!

But I must have a “real” camera to be a Food Photographer.

🌟Here’s a Foodtographer’s story:
Once upon a time I thought I couldn’t take amazing photos if I didn’t have a fancy DSLR camera. 📷
If only I had a big Canon camera that used a real camera lens I could take beautiful pictures and feel like a real Photographer!

🌟Well I got that big fancy camera and I’d like to say it did just what I dreamed it would do, but it didn’t!

📍 Long story short: a picture speaks a thousand words! I have so many pics like the cookies below. I take better pictures now because I have developed and honed skills and techniques I needed to make me a better Foodtographer.

Have you ever stopped to look at the mouth-watering images on your screen or in a magazine? You thought it’s just some cookies, I can take the same picture with ease. Yet, your pictures looked nothing like you had envisioned?

If this sounds familiar, then this is the course for you!

Which one do you think is more pleasing to the eye, one that would get more Pins or Likes?  Which one would you rather have in your Portfolio?

Let’s play a little game!  Guess which smoothie image was taken with a DSLR Canon Camera, and which one was taken with just a mobile cell phone.  Which one do you think, is it #1 or maybe #2?

Okay, I admit, this was kind of a trick because they’re BOTH taken with my mobile phone!  But before I told you I know you were trying hard to figure out which one was taken with a real camera, right??

My main point of this class is to make you feel confident and proud of your mobile phone images!  You can still be a Food Photographer with just a mobile phone! You can still get paid real money by taking photographs with your mobile phone. Out of all the clients I’ve had, not one has asked me what the type and model of my DSLR camera is, no not one!

You can have the job of your dreams!

Food Photography is a very fast growing and lucrative business. Imagine making real profit each month being your own boss, working from your own home! Best of all, it’s doing what you love! Taking pictures on your Mobile Phone!

I’ll show you how and what to do to make that dream come true!

All you need is a Mobile Phone

No fancy and expensive equipment needed, no long list of supplies. Work from the comfort of your own home, on your own time schedule.

JOIN my new Mini Course today and I’ll show you everything that got me to where I am today. I’ve spent countless hours and not to mention $$ on pricey courses. I spill all the beans in my mini crash course to help jumpstart your Food Photography Career.

🎉 I want 2021 to be the year all your food photography dreams come true!

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