Hi there! Welcome to our collection of easy and family-friendly recipes! Our goal is simple: To simplify cooking and meal planning for busy families by providing quick and delicious recipes that bring joy to the dinner table. We believe that every home cook, regardless of experience, should have access to simple, easy to make recipes that create memorable moments with loved ones.

 I’m Vicky, the heart and spatula behind this blog. In our kitchen, there’s never a dull moment with my six boys around. It’s where all the action happens – from whipping up pancakes for breakfast to cooking big family dinners.  The kitchen is more than just a place to cook; it’s where we all come together, share our day, and feel at home. It’s the heart of our house, filled with love, noise, and lots of food! It’s always about the food!!

I’m a passionate home chef and a dedicated food photographer. That combo led me to complete the Pretty Focused Photography Course and later the new Pretty Focused Recipe Development Course, enhancing my skills in both fields. This unique combination allows me to not only create delicious recipes, but also capture them beautifully. My approach is about creating flavorful experiences and presenting them in visually appealing ways, bridging my love for cooking with my talent in photography.

We take pride in sharing dishes that have received approval from the pickiest eaters. Our commitment extends to collaborating with brands that align perfectly with our mission and goals. 

Media and Marketing Services Offered: 

    • Food Photography
    • Recipe Development
    • Freelance Photography
    • Brand Ambassadorships
    • Product Reviews & Giveaways
    • Sponsored Social Posts

I have done freelance recipe development, photography, and brand ambassadorship for Dorot Gardens, and Octonuts.

Let’s Collaborate!  If you’re interested in working with me, please contact me at littlechefwithin@gmail.com

 You may also contact me on any social media outlets:

Instagram: @littlechefwithin

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I look forward to talking to you!