Hi there, I’m so happy you stopped by! Welcome to Little Chef Within. I’m Vicky, the recipe developer, food photographer and home cook behind this food blog.

I started Little Chef Within in 2016. I had newborn twins at the time along with 4 other kids. Yes, you don’t have to tell me how insane I was, looking back I’m not sure how I even managed to put together one cohesive sentence, let alone an entire blog! As a homeschooling family I was going to blog about our kitchen adventures. Needless to say that my steam didn’t last, but I discovered I absolutely loved food photography. That is still true after all these years!

Most days you’ll find me in the kitchen with my apron on, hair up in a bun cooking for my large family! I cook the foods I grew up eating, in the Appalachian hills of Kentucky, along with an abundance of homemade breads. My 6 sons’ favorite bread is this delicious sandwich bread and favorite dish is my Chicken Fajitas.

What to expect:

Around here, you’ll find easy family-favorite dishes that please even the fussiest eaters, plus plenty of delicious bread recipes!

Whether it’s a simple Biscuit recipe, or Beef Stew, my goal is to simplify the recipes, ensuring they are accessible and enjoyable for home cooks.

5 Fun Facts About Me!

  1. I celebrated the big 4-0 during my 6th pregnancy with the twins!!
  2. My favorite animal is a pug, they’re just so cute!
  3. My favorite musical artist is David Crowder.
  4. My favorite vacation spot is Pigeon Forge, TN.
  5. I took 3 years of French in school, but don’t let that impress you. I don’t remember much except for Je m’appelle Vicky, and Je ne parle pas français. You know, just in case I ever encounter a Frenchman and I need to tell him my name is Vicky and I don’t speak French. LOL!

Favorite Bible Verse: Psalm 118:24 


When I first started my blog, my goal was to inspire my kids to develop a passion for cooking. I truly believe that we all have a hidden “Little Chef Within” and with some nurturing and fantastic recipes, anyone can become an incredible cook!

Despite being diagnosed with Celiac Disease 10+ years ago, I continue to explore ways to create meals that I can enjoy together with my family. Along with the standard recipe, I make an effort to provide gluten-free alternatives in my recipes, just in case there are others out there with a mixed household like ours.

I highly recommend this Honey Oatmeal Bread recipe. It’s made in a bread machine, so it’s very easy and not time consuming.

I would encourage you to start out with simpler recipes like pancakes and this quick and easy Chicken Noodle Soup. Remember-just keep going and you’ll get better with every dish!

If you have any questions, please contact me: vicky@littlechefwithin.com. Or visit my Contact/PR page.

My sincere wish is for you to explore our recipes and find some that you love as much as we do!

So take those aprons out and get cooking, and don’t forget about the tiny hands that always eager to help!