Frequently Asked Questions:

General Recipe Questions:

I tried a recipe and it didn’t turn out right. What went wrong? The first thing I would ask, did you follow the recipe to a T, or did you make substitutions, leave ingredients out?  When I post recipes, it means that I’ve had great success with it and my family absolutely loved it!  But please remember, this is my family, our taste buds.  You may follow the recipe exactly as it is written and still end up disliking it.  It happens. But with that being said, if it’s something technical like a casserole that got burned because I said to bake it for 40 minutes and you did, and it turned out black.  Please take into consideration, your oven, your cooking appliances. I wish I could be cooking and baking right there in your kitchen with you, to help you trouble shoot any issue that may arise, but obviously I can’t.   So,  if you have any questions, please feel free to ask on here as a comment, or email me directly at:

Can I substitute various ingredients in a recipe? Of course you can! It’s your kitchen, your food, BUT you won’t get the same end result as me.  With that said, if you hate an ingredient, then by all means leave it out!  Out of a certain herb? Google a suitable substitute.  You get the point.  Don’t be afraid to make a recipe your own, just don’t leave me bad feedback if it’s supposed to be white and you change it up to a rainbow flavor, LOL!

Can you provide ingredient measurements in ounces/grams or something other than imperial (U.S.) measurements? No, I’m sorry.   I don’t have the ability to convert every ingredient for all of the recipes on the site to multiple units of measure.

Where do you get all your recipes from? The recipes on are mainly recipes I’ve been using for my family for the past 2 decades.  These may have been passed along from family and friends, ones I created, or found in cookbooks, magazines, and online.  In the event that a recipe originated in one of those places, I fully credit the name of the original source and link back to the website or cookbook (where applicable) at the bottom of the recipe.

Can you include the nutritional information for your recipes? I’m sorry, not at this time.  But there are some incredible online sources and apps you can plug information into.


Can I share one of your recipes on my blog? Yes, of course!  Recipes are like smiles, they should be given frequently!  If you do share one of my recipes on your blog/website, kindly provide a link back to the page on where you found the recipe.  Please remember to use your own photos.

Can I use one of your photos on my own website/blog? All of the photos that appear on are copyrighted, so please contact me if you would like to use one on your site, as permission is required. In plain language, it’s considered theft, and that my friends isn’t cool.

Can we exchange links? Sure! Just contact me.

I’m thinking of starting a food blog. Can you give me some tips or advice on how to get started?  My biggest piece of advice for you would be just do it!  A  mile begins with a single step, a food blog begins with a single recipe….

Can I advertise on your site?  Yes, I am accepting advertisers at this time.  Please contact me at:  to see if we’d be a good fit!

If I send you an amazing  free product, will you post about it on your blog?  Yes and no.  It depends on what the product is and if it fits into our blog.


Do you take all of the photos on Little Chef Within? Yes! All of the photos that appear on this site have been photographed by me, unless stated otherwise.

What type of camera do you use? Which lens?  Now I use my Note 10 phone, exclusively, older pictures were taken with a Note 8 phone, and some with a Canon Rebel camera with a micro lens.

Can I use one of your photographs on my website? All of the photos that appear on are copyrighted, so please contact me if you would like to use one on your site, as explicit permission is required.


What’s it like being a Mom of 6 boys?  Let’s just say there’s a lot of food involved!

Where do you live?  The Bluegrass State.

What’s you most favorite recipe?  Ask me this everyday for a year, and I can guarantee you’ll get a different answer on most days LOL!  It really depends on what I’m craving that day.  You don’t have to be pregnant to have food cravings….

How do you find the time to cook/bake so much? See the above question about being a Mom to 6 boys.  If I didn’t cook, I wouldn’t want to be in the same house with 7 hangry males ( husband included!), and if I’m being honest, I’m not such a peach when I’m hungry either 🙂

I really wish I loved to cook as much as you do! This one really makes me laugh!  I HATE cooking, but since I love my husband and kids and want to keep them alive, I cook for them LOL!

I wish I had your energy to be in the kitchen so much! This is another laughable statement.  I have like zero, zilch, nada, no energy levels.  Having Hypothyroidism and Lupus is no picnic! Please read the statement above about the hangry males, that’s enough motivation to keep cranking the food out…..

I wish I had as much time as you do to spend in the kitchen!  We all have jobs and responsibilities that we have to attend too, I am no exception.  Yes, I stay at home, but we all have the same 24 hours in the day. I have many helpers in my kitchen, and they’re not human!  I have slow cookers, pressure cookers, mixers.  Some of my favorite time savers are called my Instant Pot, my Crock-Pot, my Kitchen Aid mixer….

What’s up with the LittleChefs? Well since I’m the Mom of the bunch, I took on the name LittleChefsMom, I affectionately named my husband LittleChefsDad, and each of our 6 kids are LittleChef1, LittleChef2, and so on till LittleChef6.  Since I have all boys, it seemed like an easier way for my readers to decipher between the kids.  Seemed totally logical at the time.

Why do you not post a lot of pictures of yourself or your family? The reason I don’t post a lot of pics of myself is simply put: I don’t like my ugly mug plastered everywhere! Ever since I can remember, I haven’t enjoyed getting my picture taken. Of course, my kids are a whole lot cuter than me and I’d love to splatter their cute little faces all over the internet, but I don’t for two reasons.  #1 the older kids do not want me too, and I certainly respect that, and #2 I don’t do it for security reasons.  Years ago I followed a lady’s blog and some crazed loon stole her online identity,  everything about her.  She even stole her kids pictures and put them on many different websites.  This stuck with me and spooked me, so that’s why I’ve always been hesitant in sharing my kids freely.  My kitchen is an open book, my handsome crew, not so much 🙂