Calling everyone for the Foodies Phone Photo Challenge!

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*updated for the current challenge

I’m so happy to announce the 2nd challenge I’m hosting on Instagram.  It’s a 3 day challenge beginning December 10th, 2020.  It’s a Food Photo Challenge using only your cell phone!  Yes, you read that right, leave your DSLR camera in the bag and grab that phone that’s always in your hands!

We all have cell phones, and we all gotta eat, so why not take the challenge and have fun!  One grand prize winner will receive a $50 Gift Card to Amazon!

Just how does this work??  It’s short and simple.  This challenge  has a Christmas Theme.  What’s that mean? It simply means anything, any food that has a Christmas feel, vibe, looks to it is acceptable!  Does chocolate chip cookies and hot cocoa make you think of Christmas? Or how about popcorn and hot cocoa?  How about a big Christmas dinner? Then fix it, snap a pic, and post!  Really no wrongs here!

The ONLY rule is it must be photographed with your cell phone.  That’s it!

Can’t fit in 3 days of pictures, no problem!  Join in when you can, I just want you to have fun!

Starting on December 10th, 2020 please post your pics on your regular IG feed, use the hashtag #foodiesphonechallenge in your post, follow and tag me @littlechefwithin and mention me in your comments so I can see your amazing pictures!

✔️ 3 amazing images will be chosen by me, and YOU will decide on the final winner!!

So to recap, I’m saying you already eat food, you already have a cell phone, so take the challenge and win money to buy you some more food, or a tinker toy on Amazon! (Bonus points if you got my movie reference!)





If you’re interested, or need anymore information, just DM me on Instagram and I’ll add you to the group!


BTW, the blueberry smoothie was taken with my cell phone!


*Also we currently have a giveaway on Instagram.  It comes with alot of baking supplies and our brand new Mini Course Mobile Food Photography 101 Course

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