Gourmet Grilled Cheese

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Grilled Cheese2

Have you ever wondered what makes something gourmet?  Usually it’s the price, LOL!  So by fixing this yourself, consider this Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwich a cheap lunch 🙂

Growing up I never was fond of grilled cheese sandwiches.  I preferred meat and cheese or even the classic peanut butter and jelly.  But one day when I was on bed rest with the twins, LittleChefsDad made me a grilled cheese sandwich on gluten free bread that rivaled anything you would’ve paid for! I’m telling you, it may be infrequently, but when that man cooks it’s gourmet all the way!  Even his presentation is classy!  I’m more of a bland, colorless, throw it on the plate in a hurry kind of girl.  Hmm, wonder if that is an indication of my personality?  Now I’ve made myself paranoid thinking too much….

This is one amazing grilled cheese sandwich!  The secret is in the seasoning. We buy it at Sam’s Club.  When you’re a family of 8, your pantry is always filled with the gargantuan size spice containers.


LittleChefsDad also introduced me to Havarti Cheese.  Oh how I love it on grilled cheese, the flavors just blend together perfectly!

LittleChef2 is our cheese lover and he loves this sandwich! When he makes it, he usually does extra parmesan cheese and puts it on the inside and outside of the sandwich. The kids love it on this Homemade Bread

Grilled Cheese

Not much of a recipe, but here goes:


2 slices bread

2 TBLS butter, melted

1 slice American Cheese

1 slice Havarti Cheese

Tuscan Seasoning

Parmesan, grated

Butter top of a slice of bread. Sprinkle Tuscan seasonings on it and grated Parmesan, repeat with bottom slice of bread. Place 1 piece American slice cheese and 1 piece Havarti slice cheese in the middle. (LittleChef2 sprinkles Parmesan Cheese and the Tuscan garlic seasoning on the inside also, so it’s optional).

 Place on hot panini grill or skillet . Cook till hot and cheese is melted and gooey. Then stretch it out and see how long that cheese goes!!

 Is it weird that every single time I hear stretch it out, I always add Caramello? Stretch it out out out Caramello.

Ring a bell?  Anyone??           ((CRICKETS))

I guess you all are not a child of the 80’s and watched way too many television commercials.  Now I want a Caramello bar.carmello


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