Slow Cooker Crack Chicken

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My kids just love this recipe! I love it because it makes enough for my large family to have dinner, and lunch leftovers the next day. Score for me!

I believe I first ate this as a dip? Seems like I did at a party at my friend’s house many years back.  I’m not sure, but we love to eat it as sandwiches. Along the years I’ve honed this recipe to fit our personal tastes. Extra cheese, and extra bacon, please!!



I eat mine on gluten free bread, so does LittleChef3. See those itty bitty bowls?  My sweet MIL gave them to me to use in pics, they’re just the cutest!  She always seems to have everything in the world you could think of and even stuff you didn’t know you needed till you saw 🙂


The kids are learning how to do videos for a school lesson.  We did our first video today (I was the hand model today) .  I’ll attach it here.  They’ll be doing some videos of their own coming up.


How are you all doing still being at home?  It’s pretty much the same here, lots of cooking, lots of eating. I’m very thankful for that, no complaints from me, but my clothes probably wouldn’t agree LOL!

It’s so crazy that I have to turn the heat on at night and it’s the 2nd week of May!!!!  I’m hoping my little Roma Tomatoes make it through the cold spell.


[lt_recipe name=”Slow Cooker Crack Chicken” print=”yes” ingredients=”1 Large family pack of chicken breasts, boneless skinless (about 6);-2 packets Ranch Dry Seasoning Mix;-1 cup chicken broth;-2 packs (small) cream cheese,16oz. cut up;-toppings; Cheddar Cheese,Bacon, green onions” ]Place chicken breasts in slow cooker; sprinkle dry seasoning packet mix all over chicken;Add broth & cream cheese;Cook on low 8 hours;- when done shred with two forks; Stir in cheese and bacon; add more cheese on top and let it sit covered till melted, this extra cheese step is optional :-). ;Add in green onions. Enjoy![/lt_recipe]


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